About Dynamic Spark

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
~ Erich Fromm

Why "Dynamic Spark"?

Transforming inspiration into action

Sparks are powerful little things. One spark can ignite us – our ability to create, design, innovate and build. They are the ideas, dreams and perspectives that let us imagine possibilities. They are the people we surround ourselves with – our colleauges, our friends, our customers and clients. Like a bolt of lightning in the night, they give us a glimpse into the darkness and make those possibilities real.

We chose the name Dynamic Spark because a well placed spark can propel us to action. Can move us to find our passion. To follow our dreams. To ask questions – and seek answers. To solve problems. To define and control our destiny. Dynamic Spark helps people achieve great things.

Erick Straghalis

Founding Principal

My History

I started my career at NBC where, as a television and web producer, I honed my ability to extract genuine and critical stories, and tell them in an authentic and engaging way. After several years, I left television to become the creative lead for a strategic marketing company. For 10 years, I helped major Fortune 500 clients like Verizon, Best Buy, Target, Comcast, William Sonoma and others, define and tell their own authentic stories to their audiences. Working closely with interdisciplinary specialists, I led internal teams, collaborated with clients and engaged the people they served. I built unique solutions that commanded engagement, deepened customer relationships and fomented loyalty. This developed into my greatest passion: focusing on the experiences, expectations and needs of the people organizations serve and work with – their customers and colleagues, to drive strategic brand and marketing decisions.

My Passion

Combining my experiences in design thinking, brand and marketing strategy, and professional and organizational development, I’ve developed this passion into a consulting career. Today, I help individuals and organizations define and align who they are and what they do to build authentic brands and communicate them effectively and efficiently. I help individuals become better leaders, better collaborators, and make better organizational choices by developing a deep understanding of themselves and the context in which they operate in.