Professional Coaching

Guidance and perspective to find and navigate an authentic path to success

Coaching to help you Execute with confidence

We help individuals define who they are and align what they do to achieve their greatest professional goals and objectives. Coaching services include Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Consultants. We strive to help each individual identify their own path forward. Because each person's needs are unique, we build solutions collaboratively that meet their personal and professional goals.

Job Seeker, "stuck in a rut", Exploring Options, Changing Careers

Consulting & coaching for job seekers, people feeling stuck, or looking to explore options.

Dealing with a change in your career or searching for a job is hard work. You need a change, BUT you don’t know how to make it happen, or worse, you've tried and feel like you're constantly failing. Often, people describe feeling "stuck" with no clear way forward.

There are many reasons you may be in this situation. You're tired of dealing with office politics. Seeking better work-life balance. Perhaps you're overwhelmed with unrealistic company expectations, lack of advancement opportunities, or pay issues. Or, maybe through no fault of your own, you've been laidoff.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you are probably dealing with a major mis-alignment between "what you are doing" and "who you are". It's time to take control of your career and professional life (and your personal life too!) through Core Alignment!

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just out of college, Dynamic Spark can help you re-ignite your career, find your passion, define your strategy, and develop a path forward. Through coaching, we help keep you motivated and on course. We understand the challenges you are facing, and can help you figure things out:

  • Develop clarity and focus
  • Define your personal brand and purpose
  • Goal setting and action plans
  • Personal Assessments (i.e. MBTI & StrengthsFinder)
  • Core Capabilities Audit
  • Career Planning Analysis
  • Resume, LinkedIn Support

We start by defining where you are right now – your core values and your core competencies – and develop a clear set of objectives. Next we develop a plan to align those cores, finding career options that fit your objectives.

Finally, we provide ongoing support to ensure personal committment and accountability. Helping you execute your personalized plan with confidence.

Executives, Directors & Small Business Owners

Consulting & coaching for Executives and Small Business Owners

They say it's "lonely at the top". As a seasoned CEO, Executive Director of a non-profit or small business owner, you know that leading requires clarity, vision and a sense of direction. Every day, you face the challenge of communicating business priorities, aligning your organization, providing clear direction, while painting a vivid, confident picture of the future. HR professionals are not always equipped to provide the kind of individualized strategic support necessary to tackle these issues.

With a strong background in organizational, marketing and brand strategy, we partner with owners and business leaders at the executive level to:

  • Develop clarity and focus
  • Organize and prioritize objectives
  • Build a high-performance culture
  • Intangibles Audit
  • Organizational Capabilities Audit
  • Position-Fit Analysis
  • Create strategies to communicate, align and inspire across the organization

We start by facilitating the defining of core values, reviewing and refining the organization's mission to reflect those values, and helping to craft a powerful vision that is authentic, aspirational and inspirational.

Finally, we provide ongoing support to ensure an organizational committment to alignment. Helping individuals across the business understand and align to these values, goals and standards.

Founders, Co-Founders & Solopreneurs

Consulting and coaching for Founders, Co-Founders and Solopreneurs

One of the strongest predictors of success is self-awareness. It guides and informs your decisions and actions through the challenges and difficult times. What are the guiding principles that define your personal and professional success? Do you have a brand narrative that connects with your audiences' minds and hearts? Can you communicate a compelling story to investors? Do you have the confidence to see – with great clarity – and navigate, the challenges ahead?

We help startups and solopreneurs:

  • Gain clarity on who and where they are
  • Define what they want to become
  • Develop strategies to navigate the course to reach goals efficiently
  • Build strong leadership and management teams
  • Strategic Workforce/Talent Planning
  • Build a High-performance Culture
  • Intangibles Audit
  • Organizational Capabilities Audit
  • Position-Fit Analysis
  • Aid in selecting foundational core values that define culture and strategy

Working with startups at every level of development, we focus on creating strong relationships with individuals to ensure long-term success.

Creatives, Designers, Internal Agencies

Consulting and coaching for independant consultants

With a strong background in leading and developing creative people to success, we understand that "Creatives" are global thinkers and doers. They act and respond differently than most everyone else within the organization — and with good reason! Creatives need space to think, to be loud, to be quiet, to try and fail, to be patted on the back. These needs don't always fit in with the culture or norms of corporate environments, which can build stress, anxiety and eventually breed complacency and a lack of creativity and innovation.

We help individual Creatives or internal teams:

  • Build a strong identity and culture
  • Capabilites, strengths and talents Audit
  • Define opportunities and goals for success
  • Build strong leadership and management skills
  • Organize around specific challenges

Independent Consultants

Consulting and coaching for independant consultants

As consultants ourselves, we understand the reasons you've chosen this path - flexibility, and the pursuit of a more fulfilling career and life, among many others! But we also understand the challenges of going it alone. The struggles and challenges of each new project or client, and remaining dedicated and confident in your abilities, talents and strengths to solve them week to week.

We work with consultants, or those considering consulting as a possible career, to:

  • Define an authentic, differentiated and relevant brand
  • Identify target audiences
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy
  • Build a successful practice
  • Find purpose and meaning to lead a personally and professionally fulfilling life.